Deadweight TesterDHI, Ruska and Pressurements are part of Fluke Calibration

EMA Instruments is the Manufacturer’s Representative for Fluke Calibration pressure and flow products in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. DH Instruments, Ruska and Pressurements are now part of Fluke Calibration.

We offer a wide variety of products, software, training and services to meet most any pressure testing or calibration application from laboratory piston gauges, to automated pressure controllers to bench-top and portable calibrators.

Featured Product

Electronic Deadweight Tester

Electronic Deadweight Tester (E-DWT)

E-DWT is an electronic calibrator designed to replace mechanical, piston-cylinder and weight based hydraulic deadweight testers for pressures up to 30,000 psi. It’s a lighter, easier-to-use deadweight tester calibration alternative that is at home in the lab or instrument shop, as well as in the field performing in-situ calibrations and tests.

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